Originally born and raised in Iowa, I came to Wisconsin to attend Carthage College where I developed fundamental graphic design & audio/video production skills while earning my Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Outside of the academic setting, I played soccer for the Red Men, wrote for the school paper, and was active in Greek life.

Perhaps most importantly, during my collegiate career I had the opportunity to work at a small company that ran several fantasy sports related sites called World Fantasy Games. The entrepreneurial nature of the organization meant that I was often tasked with wearing multiple hats. Throughout my time there I maintained social media identities, shot/edited/recorded promotional media, managed site content, wrote software design documents & manuals, and much more.
The diverse range of responsibilities, often being forced to "learn by doing", and seeing my work directly impact the people using our site was exhilarating and cemented my interest in start-ups and entrepreneurship.

As my academic career came to a close, I started working for Links Technology as a QA intern, testing a document management desktop application they were in the process developing. I quickly transitioned to a web design and development role, building and maintaining sites for various clients across multiple industries. This diversity allowed me learn about different organizations and ultimately work with a broad array of different technologies.

After spending over two years at Links, learning and growing significantly as a front-end developer, I made the decision to pursue new opportunities as a freelancer.

Currently, I'm working with Packback Books to help rebuild and launch version 2 of their digital text book rental platform, but I'm aways willing to discuss new engagements or potential employment opportunities. I'm particularly receptive to positions where I can contribute my unique blend of creative and technical skills in an entrepreneurial environment, regardless of whether it is a younger venture pursuing a new idea or a mature company aspiring to maintain an agile disposition within their industry.

Outside of work, I coach youth soccer and try to say active by playing various sports (currently soccer & sand volleyball).